DayZ Expansion and AFD

Future home of AFD-GAMING DayZ server support. Currently in server development and testing. Please use the DayZ-Test forum for questions and comments about our test server. If you need support please create a new topic.
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Sun Apr 17, 2022 6:01 am

I am deciding to no longer support the DayZ server. I have enjoyed playing the Expansion mod however with the cost of the dedicated server, and all of the updates Expansion is releasing it has become a project to keep the server updated. I prefer to spend my spare time playing games rather than figuring out which mods need updated on the dedicated and uploading them. Lately by the time I get everything sorted out and the server working properly again my "playtime" is over.

I apologize to those couple of players who are on the server regularily, this was not my plan initially and there are other games very similar with updates that happen automatically. If you enjoy DayZ I suggest you check out SCUM. If you are interested search AFD in the online servers.

I find it similar to DayZ and much easier to just jump in-game and play.

I've saved the DayZ dedicated files and DB's so they are available should I decide to venture in this direction again in the future.
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