Randomly blowing up recently

Post here for issues or help with problems and bug you may have experienced in our PVE Exile Game Server. Please be as specific as possible, if there is a way to duplicate your problem provide that information in your first post. If your getting an error please describe the specifics of the error message. The more info we have the easier it will be to assist you.
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Thu Jun 18, 2020 2:24 pm

Just lost my new artillery truck when i was driving up to my base and bright flash, no missions was by me and no AI i just randomly blew up same thing happened the other night as well, was driving back to the base with a bunch of building supplies then boom everything gone with no missions or AI by me, is there anyway i can know how i died? does your character have a bomb that goes off sometimes?
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Sat Jun 20, 2020 6:57 am

It is possible that you were targeted by AI with a rocket launcher, they can hit you from quite a distance and they really get a kick out of taking out prized possession vehicles. We do have roaming AI so it's not necessarily always "safe" just because there are no missions near you on your chosen path of travel.

If you have specific information about date/time of death I may be able to look more detailed however here's your death log from the 18th (the day this was posted) and maybe it'll help you determine what happened.

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[13:34:25:858097 -04:00] [Thread 888] Teddy was killed by an NPC!
[13:36:02:184607 -04:00] [Thread 5144] Teddy was killed by an NPC!
[13:38:25:608810 -04:00] [Thread 1552] Teddy was killed by an NPC!
[13:42:59:031449 -04:00] [Thread 5144] Teddy was killed by an NPC!
[13:57:47:977294 -04:00] [Thread 888] Teddy died and nobody knows why.
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