Conduct and Principles

Topics below are specific to AFD's rules and regulations. Although common sense in general they will be enforced.
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Members and visitors will not discriminate or make decisions based on age, gender, race,
religious beliefs or creed.

AFD members respect non-AFD personnel in the same way as AFD members.

AFD members show dignity, honor and integrity outside of AFD. Any insult towards the
member, its unit, another AFD member, AFD installation or AFD as a whole are to be
ignored and left uncommented. AFD does not need to defend itself.

Members will respect and support each other.

Not all language of an offensive nature will be tolerated, whether on voice or text comms
(chat, forums, email etc.).

No AFD member nor visitor will swear or curse extensively. (While we understand the occasional
cursing may occur, we will not tolerate consistent cursing, and frown upon it especially in
our voice servers.)

Everyone should refrain from religious or political matters or respond on one of them. (The
exception to this may be forums topics, but will be monitored closely by our Forum
Moderators. Intentional bashing will not be tolerated.)

Sportsman like behavior is mandatory. Always remember: out there, an AFD member is
not perceived as an individual but as an AFD representative. All his/her conduct will fall
back on AFD.

Core Principles
We view all members, regardless of rank, race, status and longevity within our community to be the same.

AFD-GAMING Community endeavors to create a welcoming environment in which members can communicate, organise, and lead effectively, in any game or social sphere.

To enable our leaders to make AFD-GAMING the best possible community it can be, without threat of interference.

All members are accountable to each other, and to those who lead the community.

Decisions that affect the community are made in the most transparent way possible to ensure public accountability and support.

To learn from our pasts, have prosperous and enjoyable futures both within and without our community.

In addition to the Core Principles stated above, all users must obey the Terms set forth in AFD-GAMING website Terms of Servicee and Privacy Policy .
A complete copy of AFD Member RULES AND REGULATIONS can be reviewed.
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