Exile Servers Update PVP/PVE 4/15/2019

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Tue Apr 16, 2019 12:51 am


-Added many more weapons and attachments to the servers. Weapons include the HK416, Hk417, M27 IAR, SR-3M Vikhr, FN MAG and many others. Attachments include the Trijicon ACOG+RMR combo, PEQ-15 Laser/Light Combos, Aimpoint Micros, and many others.

-Greatly expanded the range of gear that the Bandit NPCs can spawn with. Bandit NPCs now have a chance to have attachments on their weapons.

-Removed many decorative objects from the PVE server to improve Client FPS. Apologies to bossman ManOwar who spent much time decorating the map.

-Fixed a bug where depositing a vehicle into the virtual garage would delete its towed vehicle if it was towing a vehicle.

-Other minor fixes.
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