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Our game servers are now updated to the latest version of Exile v1.0.4 "Pineapple".

There are 7 new constructions and 2 containers available:

New Constructions:

  • Concrete Ladder Hatch
  • Concrete Draw Bridge
  • Concrete Floor Port (Small)
  • Metal Ladder
  • Metal Ladder (Double Tall)
  • Wood Ladder Hatch
  • Wood Ladder Hatch Reinforced

New Containers:

  • Safe (Small) - A smaller version of the regular safe. It is mainly used for poptab storage, as that it cannot store more than a few items.
  • Old Chest - A bigger version of the storage chest, it cannot be locked.

You can view the complete CHANGELOG HERE on the ExileMod website and for more specific information about how this upgrade has effected AFD Servers please review JohnJohns post in our FORUMS HERE

If you have not yet downloaded the new Exile Mod you can get it in the following locations: