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As you know if you have been playing in our servers and participating in the forums we value the feedback and suggestions from our community. This is just another suggestion we ran with and implemented into the PVE game server. With the AI seemingly everywhere at times wouldn't it be nice to fire up your UAV or UGV and patrol around your base to see who's trespassing? Well now you can do this with almost no risk and absolutely zero risk of harm to yourself! We've introduced 2 UAV's one of which can carry small items such as emergency medical supplies to injured inmates at a mission with relative ease when it's "too hot" to go in and help them yourself.

We've also added the Stomper UGV in both armed and unarmed versions. During initial testing we have discovered that with the network of Towers through out Altis and your terminals ability to relay information back and forth off these towers and in some cases from tower to tower to communicate back and forth to your vessels that there really are no range restrictions on these units. While service may be interrupted by signal loss in some locations (we make no guarantee that it's flawless) during our testing process of the UAV's and UGV's; AFD technology researchers were able to control these units with no signal interruptions of distances up to 8000 meters away while maintaining super fast bandwidth communications leading us to believe these units should be capable of patrolling coast to coast on Altis Island. Click read more below to get more information about this technology break through!

As part of our commitment to improve the server and gaming atmosphere we have introduced the following for our PVE server:

2 UAV's (Can be purchased from Special Ops trader)

  • 13k Drone is standard Darter drone


  • 15k Drone (AL-6 Pelican) is similar to darter but is capable of small payloads

We're unaware of any issues with either of these 2 drones. AFD's technology experts have completed a small amount of testing in a test area over the last 24 hours and they appear to operate fine. The capacity of the UAV is manufactured to carry small medical items etc.



The Stomper UGV has also been released and is still under some software development for the autonomous rearming system. This is a fun vehicle! It's terrifying looking and seemingly completely autonomous at first sight to anyone you encounter. One our our technology experts were quoted as saying "I admit I used it last-night in Altis before announcing this and I'm quite sure some people were pretty terrified at first site at least until they realized it wasn't shooting at them and was dropping AI helo's overhead."


Both the Armed and Un-Armed versions are available for purchase at this very moment.

Here are some current realities you should be aware of before purchasing a UAV or UGV in the AFD PVE server:

     1. Unmanned vehicles are prohibited in the safe zones. Attempting to operate an unmanned vessel in the safe zone will not be permitted, in fact the server will enforce this rule! (OK so I bought this UGV it spawns in safe zone now what do I do? YOU must vacate the safe zone, your vehicle is protected, it cannot be hacked, nor operated by anyone but you, or a member of your group. If you exit the safe zone you will be able to take control of your unmanned vehicle and drive away from the safe zone.)
     2. All unmanned vessels can be seen on the map by all convicts to protect privacy. The vehicles are not made to be used against other convicts so please respect your fellow inmates.
     3. The UAV Terminal sold in the Special Ops trader will operate all unmanned vehicles and replaces your GPS unit in your inventory.  (1 controller, lots of options for toys.)