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AFD Gaming's Exile Servers includes the following:
Dedicated Server with optimized scripting for Maximum Client and Server FPS!
PVP and PVE Combat.
Custom crafted missions not found on any other server.
A 50,000 poptab starting bonus for new players.
A wide range of Military-Style Vehicles, Weapons, and Gear available. Attack helicopters, Tanks, IFVs, etc.
Custom Loot Spawns.
Custom Base Improvement catalog only found on AFD Gaming Servers. Purchase Concrete Mixers, Virtual Garage Slots, Defensive Turrets, Base Respawns, Teleportation Systems and more!
Balanced Item and Vehicle Pricing.
Player wages rewarded every ten minutes, wage increases infinitely based on respect levels.
Roaming and Headhunter NPCs.
Virtual Garage.
Deployable Bicycles.
All world-spawn vehicles are persistent.
Persistent Vehicle Ammunition with balanced ammo pricing.
Players can receive Emails containing cool prizes.
Bury bodies to gain additional respect.
Many fixes and improvements for issues found in Vanilla Exile.
Access your locker from your Base Laptop!
MarXet Peer-to-peer Marketplace.
Territory owners can safely pack up their own base without the need for an admin!
Ability to loot garbage piles for items.
And much MUCH more! Fast admin response times, lots of server side custom code consistently being updated and improved to provide you with a unique gaming experience you simply will not find anywhere else.
Stop in and play 1 hour, if you don't like it we'll give you your money back! (oops! It's FREE)